Can consulting manage Brexit? has a new focus — Brexit.

For the foreseeable future it will be devoted to the threats and opportunities Brexit presents.

It remains a forum for Europe's management consultants to share news, gossip, opinion and analysis as they and their customers across the continent face up to the perilous challenge of the UK's decision to leave the EU.

It is edited by Dave Madden, once a management consultant and long-time editor of Management Consultant International and The Accountant. Contact The Editor on +44.1270 812774, +44.7821 901580 or

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news in brief

Brexit is strangling UK science

The Brexit threat is undermining the UK's status as a world leader in science research, The Royal Society says. It points to the annual loss of Euros 0.5 billion in EU research funding since the referendum, a 40% drop in UK applications to the Horizon 2020 programme and a collapse in leading scientists moving here.

Brexit damage already done: SMMT

Brexit has already undermined the UK auto industry, with a third of firms cutting jobs, 80% concerned about future prospects, £500 million wasted on mitigation measures and 13% relocating operations overseas, according to a new survey by industry body SMMT.

UK firms not ready for No Deal

An alarmingly high number of UK firms aren't ready for a no deal Brexit; two-fifths (41%) of UK businesses have not done a Brexit risk assessment, and many have big gaps in knowledge about planned new customs procedures, according to new research by The British Chamber of Commerce.

Kazient turns its back on Farage

London-based GDPR privacy consultancy Kazient has turned its back on the chance of a £30k project with The Brexit Party on ethical grounds. Jamal Ahmed, founder of Kazient, said he declined to work for Nigel Farage's party because, "it represents everything I stand against."

Half FS firms ready to fly - EY

Most Financial Services firms expect a Brexit extension on 31 October but nearly half are ready to move UK business outside of the EU in case of no-deal exit — says an EY poll.