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A loan for your company


Owning your own business already causes enough stress and difficulties. An important part of this stress is money. As a starting own business you need money, and it is not always easy to have this at the start of your business. Fortunately, it is possible to borrow business money online. This is very nice when you need just a little more liquid resources for your business, but do not have the time to collect these liquid resources. A business loan is available in all shapes and sizes. We are not only talking about the size of the loan, but often also the conditions attached to the loan. On average, a business loan is between 5000 euros and 250,000 euros. It is already quite possible in our modern era to obtain a business loan within 24 hours. A number of principles for a business loan are that the term, which depends on the level of financing, is between three months and 24 months. This could include an interest rate that starts at approximately 1.5% interest per month.

Arrange online

As mentioned in the introduction, as a novice or average owner of your own company, you have plenty to do. Financing must then be arranged quickly. Fast things often go unchecked. It is therefore important that the financing proceeds quickly but well. Many banks no longer provide such fast service. This is due to the slow application process. This can often take weeks. As a business owner, you need the money faster. It is also possible that you want to invest with a business loan. There are many options for obtaining business loans online. It can be about paying debtors, a new inventory, marketing your company or new machines. But a renovation of a commercial building is also eligible for this.


There are a number of conditions attached to the process of business borrowing in a controlled manner. First of all, you must of course be registered with the Chamber of Commerce. You must also have been in your company for at least 1 year. This is important, because then your company’s financial statements can be viewed and therefore also the trust level. It is important that the annual turnover is at least 50,000. Finally, it is checked whether you are in possession of a business bank account into which the business loan can be deposited.

How do you go about selling gold?


The coins we use today are no longer made of gold, but those of the past may have been. Found a load of old coins while cleaning out a house? Then it may well be that there are coins of real gold among them. These coins may be worth money. In that case, you must first find out how much they are worth. Many people go wrong with this. And there are still a number of pitfalls in the sale of gold. That is why you can certainly use some tips for selling gold. In that regard, you’ve come to the right place. Many people search for something on the internet and then decide how much they want for it. The chance that you will arrive at the right price this way is not great. Do you want a fair price for your gold? Then you would do well to have this valued by an expert, such as Gold Exchange Office. Such an appraisal will cost you nothing here. Moreover, the professionals value your gold in front of you. This way you can be sure that everything is going the right way. When the expert has looked at the gold, he determines the price.

Find a buyer

Does an appraisal show that your gold is worth a lot of money? Then it might be interesting to get rid of it. Nowadays you can sell gold coins and jewelry in various places. For example, you can visit the jeweler in your area. This is pretty close, but you may not always get the right amount for your gold. Not every jeweler is specialized in purchasing gold.

To get the right price, you turn to a gold expert. Many people start their search for such an expert on the internet. Nowadays you will find countless parties that pretend to be professional gold buyers. Of course you only want to do business with a reliable party. In that case, please contact the Gold Exchange Office. You can, for example, sell these professionals a golden tenner. The collector value of this coin can be higher than the gold value. The expert at Gold Exchange will of course inform you about this.

Think about it carefully

Do you want to sell a gold ring, but does it have a certain (emotional) value for you? Then it is understandable that you hesitate to distance yourself from it. Fortunately, you don’t have to decide immediately when you go to a gold expert. After all, the valuation is non-binding, so you have plenty of time to think about it. Have you decided after a while that you still want to sell the ring? Then you can turn to the expert again. Because the valuation will depend on the gold price at that time, a new valuation may have to be done. Do you sell your ring to Gold Exchange Office? Then you will receive your money immediately. You can choose to receive the money in contact, but you can also have it deposited into your account.

Forget-me-not: what can you do to raise money?


You can set up a fundraising campaign for a good cause yourself. If you have chosen a charity, you can get all kinds of ideas on the website of that charity – for example Alzheimer Nederland. It is good to think about what you want to do and how much time you want to invest in it. Because as important as it is to raise money for a good cause, it should remain fun. If you put all your time into it, it can even get in the way of you. So start small and build up if you want to do more. Don’t take it too big right away.

Want to start your own fundraising campaign for a good cause?

That is a good idea! You can achieve a lot – especially together with your children. For example, what do you think of making nice bracelets or key rings? If you are planning to raise money for Alzheimer’s, you can choose to incorporate their symbol, the forget-me-not, into the bracelets, for example. Of course you can also choose to make music on King’s Day or another holiday and then place a sign at the tip box stating the purpose for the money.

Is cooking or baking your hobby?

Then you can promote your cooking and baking skills via the various social media. People are often willing to pay more if you indicate that the proceeds of your cooking or baking will go to a good cause. Some additional additional information with your online advertisement can also help. Did you know that as many as 1 in 5 people in the Netherlands suffer from some form of dementia? And that the ratio for women is no less than 1 in 3?

Are you having a party?

Then instead of asking for gifts, you can also put up a gift box. People can make a donation in this gift box. It is wise to put that on the invitations already. After all, people nowadays have very little cash with them.

You often see this gift box at funerals. Then the relatives of the deceased ask to put money in the box instead of flowers.

You can also donate to the Alzheimer Nederland foundation. You can do this by making a one-time gift, a monthly donation or by including Alzheimer Nederland in your will. However you give and however much you give: every little bit helps to fight dementia!

Lost keys? Call locksmith Groningen


It happens to even the best: You come home, feel in your pockets, look in your bag, but no. No keys. Have you lost them? You look back to see if you might have dropped them. Nothing… Now what? Maybe go back a bit to have a look? But what if they aren’t there either? What if you dropped your keys somewhere, or worse; maybe they were stolen! No worries! Locksmith Groningen helps you!

It is useful to know what to do if you find yourself in such a situation. In the first instance it is important that you remain calm. A lot of things could have happened to your keys. You may have dropped them at the store, left them at work, or they are still indoors. First consider whether you have not left them in the car or perhaps in a different pocket than you are used to. Do you really not have them with you? Then it is time to call the locksmith from Groningen.

What does the locksmith from Groningen do?

The key maker from Groningen will help you get back in. Even if you find yourself in this situation at night. You call the locksmith, he will come to you as soon as possible. With his skills and handy tools, he ensures that the door opens. Now you can go back in.

Important; this must happen now!

When your lock opens easily, you can go in and see where your keys are. If you had them indoors or they are still at your work, there is not much to worry about. Some locks do need to be repaired, but that is not always the case. If the lock is broken, the locksmith will ensure that it is repaired. When you really do lose your keys, it’s a different story. Maybe you dropped your keys or they were stolen. Then someone else has access to your house. This can be very link. In that case it is useful to have a new lock installed.

The locksmith from Groningen is of course also ready for that job. We place a new and safe lock for you. We know exactly what it takes to make your home as safe as possible.

The dream of a sustainable home


Many Dutch people today are increasingly concerned with sustainability. In fact, it is one of the hottest topics of the moment, apart from corona and the aftermath of the Dutch elections. This is mainly due to the fact that sustainability is such a comprehensive topic. Livestock farming falls under this, and by extension your diet too. Ditto the transport sector, just like your holiday to Bonaire. But a topic that comes up more and more today is the nitrogen problem. How can you tackle this as a normal citizen? You can read more about this in this blog.

Can’t see the forest for the trees

With all the information available on this topic today, it can sometimes be difficult to understand what it is all about. And that is only understandable. Because it is such an abstract idea, it will not be discussed further in this blog. What is good to know is that a more sustainable home can quickly be achieved without having to make major interventions.

Install a new heating system

By changing the heat source, a lot of soil can already be extracted. If you want to go big, you can choose to install your own heat pump. However, the construction of this takes quite a while, and you have to spend quite a bit of money for it. An option that is less of a burden on the wallet is to purchase a wood-burning stove.

Buying a wood-burning stove may not sound like the most sustainable idea, but, provided the wood is harvested yourself in surrounding forests (on your own land), it is actually more sustainable than a regular heating system with a smart central heating system.

If you cannot find forests in the vicinity of your home to cut wood yourself, an electric fireplace may be a good alternative. The advantage of electric fireplaces compared to wood-burning stoves is that an extraction system does not need to be installed, and that you do not have to go outside to cut wood.

Alternative ways to live more sustainably

If it is not within your reach to install a new heating system, there are also less intensive ways to contribute to a cleaner environment. For example, think about separating your waste, or eating less meat. Choose to go to work by bike or public transport instead of by car, and if you really have to: try carpooling. In times of corona this is not always safe, so know in advance who you are getting in the car with.

A new car, how do you purchase it?


Your car needs to be replaced after many years or would you like to buy a new car, but what should you choose now? Besides the fact that nowadays there are different types of cars available in different versions, there are also different ways how you can purchase a car. For example, you could choose to buy a car and it is directly yours, but it is now also possible to lease a car. When leasing a car, you conclude the lease contract for a shorter or slightly longer period of time, after which you are provided with a car inexpensively and flexibly. In this blog we will tell you more about short lease, which is widely used both privately and for business!

Opt for a short lease!

With a short lease there will always be a car available for you. Together with the dealer you can easily and quickly draw up a flexible contract, after which you will have a car, bus or other vehicle for a short time. The requirements are described in the contract and the entire maintenance of the car is for the account of the leasing company, so that you only have to pay the petrol costs yourself.

It is especially ideal for SMEs, starting entrepreneurs, freelancers and other employees of companies to have a lease car. You can have a car for a short period of time, and then easily travel from customer to customer. You have a neat car and this also ensures a correct appearance to the customers. However, short lease is not only relevant for business, short lease also offers many advantages for private individuals!

The advantages of short lease private

Short lease also offers many advantages for private individuals. With Mey short lease private you can drive carefree, economically and flexibly. You have a choice of 1300 different cars, after which the car could be at your door within 24 hours. As a private individual you are only responsible for the fuel, which means that the lease company arranges all the maintenance of the car.

The difference between private lease and short lease is that with a private lease contract you are often tied to a contract for a long time, while with short lease you can cancel the contract at any time – after 30 days. You will also not have a BKR with a private short lease, while this is the case with private lease.

See if short lease is something for you and what the benefits are for yourself, after which you may also be able to drive around in a new car next week!

Frequently asked questions about efoiling


What you often see lately on social media such as TikTok, Instagram or Facebook are people on a floating board floating over a lake or sea. Often this excites a lot of viewers because it is relatively quite new and it just looks very spectacular. You often immediately feel like trying something like this. You will often see many people reacting under the comments about how efoiling works and where you can do it and much more. That’s why I thought of writing a blog with all relevant questions to throw away the ambiguity of many people with answers. Below is therefore an overview of some questions that will give you a better idea about efoiling.

How does a foil work?

A lot of people ask this because it looks pretty crazy. Floating over the water on a kind of small surfboard without any wave. To put it briefly, an efoil is like a hydrofoil. You are lifted out of the water with the board by the speed you make. This speed is due to the electric motor mounted under the board. This is electrically powered and you control it with a remote control in your hands. In addition, you steer with your balance.

Do you need a boating license?

This is the advantage of an efoil. You would think that you need a license to drive an efoil board, but this is not the case! Due to the maximum speed, which is set at 20 km/h, you do not need a license.

Can you efoil in any weather?

Of course you can efoil in any weather, but it is not recommended to efoil if there is a lot of waves and rain. You don’t have much fun with this and it only stops your electric motor if there are a lot of waves. This is really an advantage, because with a surfboard you are really dependent on the wind, because this creates waves.

Where can I efoil?

In the Netherlands there are already some companies that make the rental of efoil boards available. This can be given in private lessons but also in groups for team outings. For example, you go away for an hour with an instructor and learn to efoil. Of course there is an instruction how everything works, but they say that in this hour you can certainly efoil yourself on, for example, your knees. We recommend that you take a look at Efoil school Amsterdam. For the first efoil lesson you also get a discount so you can try it once.

Tackle a renovation as a self-employed person


Now that we don’t take a vacation far away, many people have money left over. Or about, that is of course a boast. But they are more likely to spend their money on something else. Like a renovation, for example. And if you are now a self-employed person, the applications will definitely be pouring in. Because many companies are so busy that there is a long waiting list before you can start your renovation. Many people don’t want that, so it’s a great start as a freelancer to unpack your luck here and leave a big mark.

Always be well prepared

Especially because you can get a lot of work during this time, it is important that you are always well prepared. Of course, this also ensures positive reactions from your customers. And then they will think of you even more quickly or recommend you to friends or family. And with ordering stuff or ensuring that you have everything in stock or delivered quickly, it is sometimes useful to take a party in hand, so that you can collaborate with them. That, of course, also helps a lot. For example, it is easier to buy sanitary ware at Bouwmaat or order a heating system at Bouwmaat. This way you ensure that you are always provided with materials and equipment, so that you can start, make and finish every job well. And that ensures that you can build a nice customer base and grow your network if you do this well.

Exciting times

It is of course always exciting when you start your own business. But it is always a nice challenge that you should not just shy away from. And when ambition lies with entrepreneurship, you have to grab it with both hands full. Because it’s important that you do what you like. And many people will now think in the corona crisis that starting for yourself is not a smart move. But it’s always an exciting choice you make. And if you really want it, it’s a choice you’ll have to make someday, so why not now? In the end, you’ll be happy when you’ve made the choice and you’ve worked on your network. That makes up for a lot of course. So when do you start?

A wasp nest in your house: what now?


wasps. Many people are afraid of them, some are allergic to them, but whatever you think of wasps, one thing is certain: a wasp nest in the house, or in the neighborhood, is very bad. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of this. Wasp control Zwolle, wasp control Rotterdam, anywhere you can remove a wasp nest. Below are also some quick tips if you do indeed have a wasp nest nearby.

The first steps

First of all, make sure you and your roommates are safe. This may sound a bit dramatic, but wasps can still do quite a bit of damage. So make sure everyone has been tested for wasp allergy, and if it really gets too bad, arrange a temporary stay until the problem is solved. Another stay is temporarily necessary anyway when the pest control comes, because that is not a process that you can be at home for.

The professionals

Wasps are a fear for many people. The insects are different from bees, which sting only once before dying. Wasps can sting multiple times. However, a wasp does not just sting just like that; only if he feels threatened. Wasps are a bit more aggressive than bees, so they may also feel threatened more quickly. A wasp nest is best removed by professionals, because they also know what they are doing. Especially with a wasp nest in a difficult corner, in an attic or in a gutter, it is important that you do not get started with it yourself. They are insects, but a group of wasps is still dangerous, especially if you are also on a height or are balancing. Professionals also wear protective clothing and have means that ensure that the wasps do not become aggressive. The municipality also often has to give permission for the removal of a wasp nest. So it is often better to leave it to professionals.

So don’t worry too much if you have wasps. Although it sucks, people are trained to remove things like wasp nests gently and without damage. So make sure you have somewhere to go while this is happening, make sure that no one is allergic (and if anyone is, keep away from it) and that the professionals are able to help. do what they are called to do. Then it will be all right.

Staying fit for young and old


It is becoming increasingly important to stay healthy. Especially since the corona virus emerged, it has become important how necessary it can be to lead a healthy life and also to stay fit by, among other things, exercising regularly. Because of this, there are many people who would like to work out at a gym again. At a gym you can train many different things and in addition there are often group lessons of certain sports. In addition to training yourself, you can also get started with others. This regularly increases people’s motivation, because you are less likely to cancel or skip a lesson with others. This way you can stay healthy and fit in a good way. Because a gym often has such a wide range, it is wise to take a look at what each gym offers.

The gym

For example, Loosduinen gym has a very wide range in the gym and group lessons. There are various sports that you can perform at this gym, but it is also possible to train with a personal trainer. This will ensure that you get the right attention during the training and you will also do the right exercises to achieve your goal. For example, by training the right exercises you can lose weight effectively or create more muscle mass in the right way. In the category of sports in this gym there is a lot of choice. You can choose from several martial arts, such as boxing, MMA, jiu jitsu, but also kickboxing for young and old.


Kickboxing is therefore a sport that is becoming increasingly popular for all ages. This sport is much more than kicking and punching and makes your entire body very fit. Children are also very enthusiastic about this sport these days, because it is not only great fun to do, but it is also good for their condition and self-confidence. There are special training sessions for young people throughout the country, such as kickboxing children in The Hague. Children from the age of four can be introduced to the sport of kickboxing in a fun and enthusiastic way. So this sport is not about physical fighting at all. The most important thing is that everyone stays sharp during the training in order to build a strong mentality. This is not only good for the physical development of the children, but also for their mental development.