Can consulting manage Brexit? has a new focus — Brexit.

For the foreseeable future it will be devoted to the threats and opportunities Brexit presents.

It remains a forum for Europe's management consultants to share news, gossip, opinion and analysis as they and their customers across the continent face up to the perilous challenge of the UK's decision to leave the EU.

It is edited by Dave Madden, once a management consultant and long-time editor of Management Consultant International and The Accountant. Contact The Editor on +44.1270 812774, +44.7821 901580 or

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news in brief

Cancel your holidays says CBI

The predictable collapse of cross party Brexit talks has dismayed business leaders. Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director-General, said: "Another day of failed politics, another dispiriting day for British business. Six wasted weeks while uncertainty paralyses our economy. The May parliamentary recess should be cancelled and used to agree a deal as soon as possible — whether through indicative votes or the Withdrawal Agreement. Business and the country need an urgent resolution to this mess. This is no time for holidays. It's time to get on with it."

Brexit overrun is good news

The Cabinet Office has indicated that some 20 consulting firms — including EY and Deloitte — have had their Brexit related contracts extended for another year, worth fees of £159 million, following the government's failure to meet any of its deadlines for leaving the EU.

Long-term Brexit fears - Deloitte

Eight out of ten CFOs say they expect the long-term business environment to be worse as a result of the UK leaving the EU, according to Deloitte's latest CFO Survey. This is the highest level since the EU referendum in 2016. Pessimism about the short-term effects of Brexit remains elevated, with 49% of CFOs expecting to reduce their own capital expenditure and 22% cutting M&A as a consequence of Brexit. Around half (53%) of CFOs also expect to reduce hiring due to Brexit — the highest level in more than two years.

Manufacturers tell PM to revoke

UK manufacturers' umbrella organisation Make UK has called on both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn to Revoke Article 50 if they cannot reach a Brexit agreement that will pass through Parliament this week. The full text of CEO Stephen Phipson's letter is here.

Government Brexit spending up

Labour Party analysis of Cabinet Office data suggests the UK government spent over £5.5 million on Brexit related management consulting in January — with EY, PwC and Bain amongst the beneficiaries.