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Young MCA embeds inclusion through an act of charity

Alex Collins

Manchester: It is easy to caricature management consultants as rapacious masters of the universe, a super-rich, super-conservative elite, whose experience and instincts are a long way removed from the real, ordinary world.

Many are — and the Davos set would be flattered by the description.

But here is a paradox; consulting is also as diverse an industry as there is, and it demonstrates a healthy, liberal openness on many social issues.

It is also capable of acts of individual generosity and collective altruism.

So take a bow, Young MCA.

For the sixth consecutive year members of Young MCA, a network of consultants with up to 5 years experience within the MCA's (Management Consultancies Association) membership, have held Charity Challenge, an annual fundraising event for a chosen charity.

This year the Young MCA Charity Challenge brought together mixed teams of young consultants from every MCA member firm to compete in a set of Olympic-themed challenges — and raised £1,615 for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

At first glance The Foundation is an unlikely choice for consulting industry support.

The charity was set up following the murder of Sophie Lancaster to challenge prejudice and intolerance towards people from alternative subcultures. Sophie was killed in Rossendale in Lancashire in 2007 — in part it seems because she and her partner were Goths and dressed accordingly.

Kate Conboy-Greenwood, Campaign Manager for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation commented, "We are delighted that the Young MCA chose to raise funds for the Foundation. The awareness raised amongst their members is very positive too. Their support with this generous donation will enable us to continue our work to promote safer communities that celebrate rather than fear "difference"."

Alex Collins, Chair of the Young MCA and a manager in Ernst & Young's Advisory practice, said, "Our industry is a champion on issues around diversity and equality. As the young talent and future of management consulting we see it as our mission to embed these values in all we do. I am very proud to have helped raise money for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation which is such a worthwhile cause and look forward to future fundraising opportunities."

Well said.

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