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House of Lies. No such thing as bad publicity - 2.

House of Lie

Let's be honest. Consulting is not famous for its ability to laugh at itself, and its' vanity will be sorely tested this summer when Sky Atlantic brings the profession's very own sitcom to Europe.

We've already heard the view that this timing couldn't be worse; that a TV show painting consultants as duplicitous, venal, self-regarding and philandering, is the very last thing an industry under pressure needs right now, on either side of the Atlantic.

Well that's what it has got.

House of Lies, or 'Hou$e of Lie$' as it is unsubtly styled, is a supposedly scathing view of top tier management consultancy firms, and as the promo has it, "comedy with balls".

It is set in LA, based on Booz alumnus Martin Kihn's book, 'House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time", and follows the fortunes of America's No 2 consultancy firm — 'Galweather and Stearn' — as it does battle with the all powerful 'Kinsley'.

Apparently, there is "nothing they wouldn't do to seal the deal".

Oh dear.

Reviews of the first three episodes to air in the US are mixed, to say the least. House of Lies is loud and brash, and is led by the estimable Don Cheadle, but it looks unlikely to do for consulting what Ally McBeal did for Boston lawyers, and Mad Men did for Madison Avenue.

But as Don Draper would advise, there's no such thing as bad publicity. Honestly.

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