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DWP work comes around.

Sometimes even the good news gets you down.

Accenture's lucrative new deal (£50 million a year and counting) with the Department for Work and Pensions in the UK makes me feel....old.

It is not just the Department's title — Work and Pensions (worthless and receding) — more the inescapable sense of déjà vu.

We have been here before. In fact Accenture has hardly been away.

There is a book behind me entitled "The Paper Chase", by then Sunday Times deputy editor Ivan Fallon. It recalls "a decade of change at the DSS" and tells the story of Andersen Consulting's hand in the DSS's operational strategy. The DSS, or Department of Social Security, and Andersen Consulting were (for our teenage readers) precursors respectively of DWP and Accenture. Fallon's story starts in 1982.

1982 — before personal computers, years before mobile phones, and before most Accenture consultants working for the DWP were born.

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