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Meet the Brexit movers - Mats Persson, EY UK

Mats Persson - EY Brexit lead

Mats Persson — head of international trade and Brexit strategy leader, EY UK

Mats Persson, EY's Brexit strategy leader, is a former adviser to then UK Prime Minister David Cameron in 10 Downing Street.

Born in Sweden and educated in the US, Persson has also held roles at the think-tank Open Europe.

On the Facilitated Customs Arrangement proposals contained in the Government's Brexit Whitepaper, Persson commented:
"This is the most business friendly Brexit proposal to date, with the Government addressing a large chunk of the regulatory and customs impacts of most concern to sectors like pharma, manufacturing, auto and consumer products.

"From a business planning perspective, there are two main challenges with this proposal. First, it contains some completely untested parts including the new customs arrangement. The worry here is bureaucracy is avoided in one place — at the UK-EU border — only to be added elsewhere, through new tracking requirements for non-EU goods for example. Second, even if something close to this can be agreed in both Parliament and EU, will it be politically sustainable and can business rely on it in the long-term?"

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