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Will of the people? Biggest Brexit poll finds 12 point flip to Remain.

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Survation result

The UK would now vote 54-46 to stay in the EU according to the biggest poll since the 2016 referendum — and every country in the Union would vote to stay.

The big flip in national opinion was revealed on Channel 4's live discussion programme "Brexit: What The Nation Really Thinks", last night.

Survation surveyed 20,090 people living in the UK, across every parliamentary constituency. This is the largest independent survey of its kind on Brexit and the data has been used, by Dr Chris Hanretty from Royal Holloway University, to produce estimates of how every area of the UK would vote if there was a Leave/Remain referendum tomorrow.

The key finding to the central question — How would you vote in a referendum tomorrow? — was:

  • Leave: 46% (-6)
  • Remain: 54% (+6)

You'll find a full break down of the data and of Survation's methodology here.

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