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Where we are now - on the day Brexit is making April Fools of us all

April Fools Day
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Tempting fate as it is to write anything on April Fools' Day, and hours before Westminster has a second go at Indicative Votes to tease out a consensus, here is a set of links that summarise where we are now:

Specialist Brexit consultancy Brexit Partners underlines the fact that the EU is urging everyone to be ready for April 12.

Academic think tank The UK in a Changing Europe has released an authoritative new report, Article 50 two years on, which sums up what has happened in the Article 50 process, and what might happen next. You can read all 60 pages from the likes of Sit John Curtice, Jonathan Portes and Anand Menon here.

And there is a sobering analysis by Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, on what Europe makes of the UK's death spiral in The Guardian, here. Spoiler alert — patience is getting thin.

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