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PA Consulting turns to ex-Barclays chairman Marcus Agius

Marcus Agius

London: PA Consulting Group has appointed Marcus Agius, former high-profile chairman of Barclays Bank, as its Non-Executive Chairman as of 1 January 2014, in a wide-ranging refreshment of its Board.

The appointment comes after the earlier announcement that Jon Moynihan, currently Executive Chairman of PA, would be retiring at the end of the year. Simultaneously, the Board had commenced a series of changes to refresh its membership, other long-serving members having expressed their wish to retire along with the Chairman. Aguis's appointment concludes a series of changes to PA's Board that have been taking place over the year, preparing the firm for its next phase of development:

  • Victor Halberstadt will be retiring at the end of the year, having served on the Board for fourteen years, and having agreed to stay on the Board beyond his previously-planned retirement date in order to oversee these changes as head of PA's Succession Committee.
  • Martin Stapleton, having served on the Board for seven years in both an Executive and Non-Executive capacity, has announced that he will retire from the Board at the end of the year, thus completing the separation of Ipex, PA's former Venture Capital arm, from PA. Martin will remain as Chief Executive of the fully independent Ipex which will continue to manage, as part of its portfolio, the PA venture Procserve Limited.
  • Lady (Barbara) Judge has recently announced that she will be retiring from the Board at the end of the year, after eight years of service. Lady Judge has been lessening her various Board commitments in order to support her husband, Sir Paul Judge, who assumes the post of Aldermanic Sheriff of the City of London for 2013-14.

The departing Directors are replaced by Michael Queen, who joined the Board at the end of 2012; Richard Wilson, who joined the Board in mid-2013, and Esther Dyson who will join on 6 December.

Jon Moynihan, retiring Chairman, commented, "The refreshing of PA's Board starts our company on a new epoch in its on-going story. Our CEO, Alan Middleton, has shown the way forward over the past six years; we anticipate the new team writing another great chapter in the company's history. I would like to thank all the retiring Board members for seeing PA through a period of success and consolidation of PA's position as the leading management, science, innovation and technology consulting firm in the world."

Alan Middleton, CEO of PA, commented, "On behalf of the Board and everyone at PA, I would like to thank Jon for his drive, leadership and determination over the last two decades. During his time at PA, Jon has transformed the firm and helped secure its enviable reputation across government and business worldwide. In particular, Jon's passion for new technology has allowed the firm to develop the technology and innovation capability that gives it a unique place in the management consulting industry. In this, our 70th year, PA is sound, prosperous and growing. We look forward to welcoming Marcus and Esther and working with the Board to build on the firm's success."

Marcus Agius commented, "I am delighted to be joining PA and salute Jon Moynihan for the role he has played in building it into such an outstanding business. PA has a distinguished history: it also has a great future in prospect given the wealth of talent in its executive ranks. I much look forward to working with my new colleagues to develop PA's forward trajectory."

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