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P2 Consulting partners with Brexit Partners on Brexit projects

P2 Consulting
Brexit Partners

P2 Consulting (P2), the project and change management consultancy is to collaborate with Brexit Partners, the Anglo Irish firm formed last year to focus on Brexit strategy.

The two firms say they have completed over 30 Brexit projects between them so far.

The focus of the new partnership is to help organisations understand and respond to the challenges and opportunities of Brexit, help them mitigate any negative impacts and where possible, help them disrupt the market, innovate and create competitive advantage.

They intend to draw on a full set of methodologies and automated tools have been developed to enable clients to address Brexit as efficiently as possible.

Brexit Partners is comprised of experts spanning business transformation, corporate finance, legal, regulatory, risk management, public policy, marketing and human resources and P2 Consulting specialises in project and programme management, business analysis and testing.

Together the two companies say they can provide end-to-end Brexit impact analysis, scenario planning, Brexit strategy and strategy execution.

Dr. Ray Nulty, Managing Partner at Brexit Partners comments: "The March 2019 deadline is looming and organisations are facing significant levels of uncertainty due to insufficient progress of Brexit negotiations. The window for preparation is closing and organisations need to start thinking about the implications of leaving the EU in a more holistic fashion. It's not just about internal processes and exposure to sterling — they also need to think about the impact on customers, supply chains and capital markets.

"Firms need to approach Brexit as a transformational change and use it as an opportunity to future proof their organisations. It's vital they move swiftly to get a 360-degree view of the challenges and put measures in place to mitigate risks. Partnering with P2 gives us the ability to help organisations with the full scope of their Brexit business challenges — we are excited to be partnering with them."

Julian Clarke, Group Client Officer at P2 Consulting says: "UK corporates require clarity as to the consequences of Brexit, but one thing for certain is that it signals significant change. All organisations need to focus on what that change means for them and put the right checks and balances in place.

"We are delighted to be partnering with Brexit Partners. Our combined experience will provide a guiding light to organisations still caught in Brexit confusion and help those that are further down the line in their preparations but have technical difficulties they might need help with."

This partnership announcement follows hot on P2 Consulting's merger with change management consultant Certeco.

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