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NHS 24 calls Capgemini

NHS 24

Paris: NHS 24, Scotland's out-of-hours health service, has awarded a multi-million pound ten-year contract for the replacement and support of its core frontline IT systems to a consortium led by Capgemini UK plc.

Capgemini will work with a number of key alliance partners, including SAP, clinical trial software provider InferMed and software company OpenText, to replace NHS 24's strategic frontline applications with new systems aimed at improving efficiency and providing a platform for NHS 24 to expand the range of services it offers.

NHS 24 is the national Telehealth and Telecare services organisation for Scotland. It offers people access to out- of-hours services when their GP surgery is closed, as well as a range of health information and digital healthcare services.

The scope of the contract covers patient contact and patient relationship management, clinical decision support tools to assist with the triage process, and knowledge management. The new applications will also interface to external systems including the national patient database and local service information.

NHS 24 aims to deliver ongoing improvements in the quality of the services it delivers to Scotland's five million people, further increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness with which it responds to the 1.7 million calls it receives per year, and make progress towards meeting the various quantitative and qualitative objectives used to measure its performance.

The new technology to be deployed by Capgemini and its partners is designed to help NHS 24 meet its three strategic goals:

  • Enhance unscheduled care through an integrated patient management solution and the NHS 24 website, as well as making improved decision support tools available to the frontline staff;
  • Improve access to NHS services by answering and responding appropriately to calls more quickly;
  • Support the improvement of health in people across the country by tackling disease that can be prevented and improving people's awareness, knowledge and understanding of how their lifestyles can affect their health.

Robert Stewart, Director of Finance and Technology at NHS 24, said: 'We are pleased that the partnership with Capgemini has been confirmed and look forward to working with them going forward.'

The Capgemini bid was successful following a searching procurement exercise by NHS 24, conducted in accordance with EU procurement regulations, which attracted bids from a number of major national and multinational IT companies. Capgemini was able to demonstrate a strong track record in the UK public sector and effective partnerships with SAP, InferMed and OpenText.

Suzy Foster, Account Director for NHS 24 at Capgemini UK, said, 'This is a unique opportunity to help make a real difference to people's lives in Scotland using the right technology and information platform.'

Capgemini will be prime contractor and systems integrator for the consortium, with responsibility for the implementation and ongoing support of the new systems at NHS 24. Its delivery of services under the NHS 24 contract will be managed by a dedicated team of IT, change management and healthcare professionals based in Glasgow. Capgemini will deploy the data warehouse capabilities of its Business Information Management (BIM) global service line at NHS 24. The BIM service line was established in 2009 with the aim of serving its global customers better, and brings together over 7,000 specialist consultants supporting a global BIM delivery model.

SAP applications will be central to the new Capgemini solution and include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to be deployed for patient relationship management, Business Communications Management (BCM) and analytics as well as Enterprise Content Management (ECM), which is offered in conjunction with SAP partner OpenText.

SAP Extended ECM by OpenText is a tightly integrated SAP module that will help NHS 24 connect unstructured content to the structured clinical processes managed by SAP CRM. It includes document management, records management and collaboration tools to improve productivity and knowledge sharing, and help staff answer patients' questions.

InferMed Limited will provide as a core part of the solution its award-winning Decision Support Engine, Arezzo, which will streamline the process of triaging incoming calls to the NHS 24 call centres and help to ensure an optimal service based on clinically proven and up-to-date guidelines personalised at the point of care. In addition, InferMed will provide the links between Arezzo and SAP modules, such as the OpenText Enterprise Content Management system and the SAP Customer Relationship Management system.

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