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New partners reflect Roland Berger's international expansion


Munich/Frankfurt: German strategy consulting firm Roland Berger Strategy Consultants has underpinned its continued global expansion electing six new partners working in Singapore, Russia and across Europe.

  • Roland Berger continues to expand its global presence: six new Partners elected
  • The strategy consultancy adjusts its global management in line with its international growth: expanded "Global Executive Committee" (GEC) appointed
  • Burkhard Schwenker (Chief Executive Officer), Charles-Edouard Bouée (Chief Operating Officer) and Bernd Brunke (Chief Financial Officer) assume operational management
  • Management team for Germany appointed, with Burkhard Schwenker as German CEO in addition to his international role and Deputies Stefan Schaible and Sascha Haghani

The newly elected Partners are:

  • Sebastien Amichi (40) — France
  • Georgy Babilashvily (36) — Russia
  • Rainer Bizenberger (38) — Germany
  • Damien Dujacquier (39) — Singapore
  • Marc Grüter (38) — Switzerland
  • Grégoire Tondreau (39) — Belgium

The firm also adjusted its leadership to reflect the increasingly international nature of its operations, appointing an expanded "Global Executive Committee" (GEC) made up of three Global Executives (CEO, COO and CFO) and eight Regional Heads. All members of the GEC are assuming their operational roles in addition to their business responsibilities.

The Global Executives are:

  • Burkhard Schwenker (55), CEO
  • Charles-Edouard Bouée (44), Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Bernd Brunke (42), Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The eight Regional Heads on Roland Berger's Global Executive Committee are:

  • António Bernardo (53), responsible for Latin America, Portugal, Angola and Mozambique
  • Tijo J. G. Collot d'Escury (46), responsible for Scandinavia, the UK and the Netherlands
  • Michel Jacob (49), Managing Partner France, responsible for France, Belgium, Spain and Italy, seconded by Didier Tshidimba (42), Managing Partner Belgium, under the leadership of Charles-Edouard Bouée
  • Ralf Kalmbach (52), responsible for the US, Middle East and India
  • Ken Mori (53), Managing Partner Japan, and Wu Qi (45), Executive Vice President for China, will be responsible for Japan, China, South Korea and Southeast Asia under the leadership of Charles-Edouard Bouée
  • Burkhard Schwenker is taking over responsibility for Germany and Switzerland, seconded by Stefan Schaible (42) as his Deputy.

In addition to his role as CFO, Bernd Brunke is assuming responsibility for Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the neighboring countries (CEE, CIS)

"We aim to support our company's strong international growth by expanding our global management and defining key management functions," said Roland Berger CEO Burkhard Schwenker. "The expanded structure of our Global Executive Committee with a COO and a CFO reflects our company's high level of professionalism and global development."

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