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MCA Awards 2012 - Deloitte

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London: Deloitte's work with London 2012 will help to deliver an "amazing Olympic Games" this summer.

2012 Times Award for Best Consultant/Client Team

Deloitte's own winningly positive account of this project reads:

"Sunday 5 August 2012. Complete silence in the Olympic Stadium. The world's top sprinters settle into their blocks and await the starting pistol for the 100m. Billions of global spectators. Screams and shouts from parks, lounges, pubs and parties in every town and city around the world. Passion. Excitement. The moment we've been waiting for in six weeks we'll never forget. The UK's best ever event. The summer of our lives.

"That vision has driven Deloitte since our first involvement in the Games in 2003. We believe London 2012 will transform the life chances of the people of East London. We believe in the power of sport to inspire and motivate. Like those competing, our story is about focus, innovation and performance. As for every athlete, it will culminate in moments that matter next summer.

"Our story is about one of the world's most complex business challenges. The ultimate immovable deadline — 27 July 2012. A relentless delivery programme. Significant budget pressure. Huge media scrutiny. The ultimate stage for our expertise.

"It's eight years and counting of working more closely with a client than ever before. Hundreds of thousands of hours' work from skilled and passionate experts. It's about nimble, integrated teams and the most effective Organising Committee ever.

"Most of all, it's about a pioneering move to become the first ever professional services firm to stand behind the Games, thinking afresh about every element of our business model to fulfil the potential in this groundbreaking partnership."

Paul Deighton, Chief Executive, commented, "Deloitte's contribution is enormously valued. The depth and breadth of expertise is delivered in a responsive manner and implemented through a flexible and practical approach. I am consistently impressed by the quality and commitment of Deloitte's people, and their genuine passion to make London 2012 the best Games ever."

Seb Coe, Chair of London 2012 said, "Every interaction I have with people from Deloitte reinforces my belief that we chose the right professional services firm to work with us in delivering London 2012. Their experience of providing solutions to the most complex issues is a valuable addition to our team, whilst their passion for the Games, dynamic approach and international outlook are second to none. Having high-calibre experts from Deloitte with a flexible range of skills is helping us to build a world class organisation."

Jean Tomlin, HR Director, observed, "Deloitte's ability to adopt an innovative approach to delivery and provide creative solutions, whilst maintaining a sense of pragmatism, is second to none. Deloitte people and teams display a high degree of professionalism. They bring fresh ideas and analysis to complex problems and always leave me with the strong feeling that everything is possible and nothing is ever unachievable. They truly understand the concept of team and how important this is to the delivery of quality results. It is an outstanding partnership."

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