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Logan Tod & Co joins PwC.

Ashley Unwin, PwC

London: PwC is the latest senior consulting firm to acquire data analysis expertise. Logan Tod & Co, a leading European digital analytics and performance optimisation consultancy, will be joining PWC's consulting division at the end of the month to enhance its strategy and consumer offering.

Logan Tod & Co provides diagnostics of clients' ecommerce operations, through detailed investigation of online 'Big Data,' to understand their customers' multichannel behaviour. The company, based in London's Covent Garden, was founded 10 years ago by Matthew Tod, something of an industry luminary who is widely acknowledged as a leading thinker and practitioner in this space.

Ashley Unwin, partner and head of PwC's consulting practice in the UK said, "Businesses can no longer operate without being online, but with new data protection laws limiting the capacity of websites to use cookies, the importance of digital analytics in helping businesses understand their online audience has increased. By combining the market leading technical capabilities of Logan Tod & Co, with the existing PwC skills in strategy and customer, we believe we are uniquely placed to offer our clients a true end to end service."

Logan Tod & Co has worked with over 160 clients across the four key sectors of retail and consumer, media and B2B, banking and finance and travel and leisure. Their offering comprises five key services to clients: Growth & Optimisation Strategy and Execution, Marketing Attribution, Outsourced Analytics, Measurement Strategy, and Customer Experience & Conversion.

Matthew Tod, CEO of Logan Tod & Co and now a partner at PwC said, "Logan Tod & Co is proud to be joining PwC as we believe our joint capabilities will enable us to deliver richer and more in-depth Digital Analytics and Optimisation services to our existing clients and those of PwC."

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