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Ireland braces itself for No Deal pile-up and hard border with North

Simon Coveney

A No Deal Brexit would "impact every element of economic functionality: trade flows, supply chains, economic and business operations, the labour market, consumer confidence and spending" and have "severe macroeconomic and trade impacts", for Ireland, the Irish government warned today.

It's 133 page No Deal contingency action plan is here, and makes sobering reading — though it also underlines how advanced and supportive Irish planning is in comparison with the last minute scramble by the UK government.

The Irish T├ínaiste Simon Coveney, speaking after publication of the plan, said there was no danger of food or medicine shortages in Ireland, but that the government still has a lot of detailed planning to do — and Ireland would be particularly exposed to swings in the value of sterling.

He added that whilst Ireland was making no preparations for a border with the North, avoiding one in the event of No Deal would be difficult.

Contingency planning was at best a damage limitation exercise, he said

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