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Get Brexit Done - triumph of the simple lie and the story of GE2019

Bulldozer Boris

On the day the UK seems intent upon electing a prime minister who pockets a journalist's phone to avoid an inconvenient photo, and who hides in a fridge to dodge awkward questions, you do have to admire the potency of the winning slogan: Get Brexit Done.

As Caroline Turnbull-Hall, Director Regulation and Legal Issues, PwC United Kingdom, argues, this simple refrain is a myth, a simple lie, and after 6 weeks of a Brexit election campaign we are no nearer knowing when or if Brexit will indeed be done, or what our future relationship with the EU will look like.

So Boris Johnson's campaign, win or not, has been a triumph of slogan and trivia over any examination of detail and content.

In the same way, in normal times a government that presides over an economy that flat-lines during the campaign, would face some difficult questions. This time, zero growth = zero interest.

"Cold winds set the stage for new government as the UK economy has not grown since July" says Yael Selfin, Chief Economist at KPMG UK, and his analysis of the latest GDP figures is here.

Hard not to conclude that if we elect a government intent upon avoiding any scrutiny, one with a shamelessly fleeting acquaintance with the truth, then we deserve everything that is surely coming to us.

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