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DXC Technology and Brexit Partners team up to offer scenario planning

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Brexit Partners
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DXC Technology, the former IT consultancy CSC, has teamed up with Brexit Partners, a specialist Brexit strategy advisory firm, to help clients respond to the challenges and opportunities associated with various Brexit scenarios.

Together, the two companies say they will provide end-to-end Brexit impact analysis, scenario planning, Brexit strategy and execution with a focus on four industries: financial services, retail, manufacturing and water utilities.

Dr Ray Nulty, managing director for Brexit Partners, said: "The Brexit deadline is looming and organisations remain ill-prepared or have yet to prepare fully for Brexit. With little progress in the negotiations over the summer months, the probability of a 'no deal' is fast becoming a reality. Under a 'no deal' scenario there will be no transition period and no agreement on how hitherto economic, business, social, security and other arrangements will be managed going forward.

"With less than seven months to go, the window for preparation is closing and organisations need to fully understand the implications of the UK leaving the EU and to establish practical contingency plans that are not just a paper exercise. It's not just about internal processes and exposure to sterling -- organisations also need to think about the impact on public infrastructure and their customers, supply chains, technology and capital markets. Firms need to approach Brexit as a transformational change and use it as an opportunity to future-proof their organisations.

"Partnering with DXC Technology, and leveraging their powerful next-generation technology services and solutions, gives us the unique ability to help organisations with the full scope of their Brexit challenges. We are excited to be partnering with DXC at this crucial stage in the Brexit process."

Maruf Majed, senior vice president and regional general manager for DXC UK, Ireland, Israel, Middle East and Africa, said: "The challenge Brexit presents for our customers, and for all of us, is unprecedented but brings with it an opportunity for change and growth. Working with Brexit Partners enables us to present a unique service to support our clients, ensuring that they are fully prepared for the transition, emerging poised and able to capitalise on a new business world."

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