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Consultants amongst young leaders criticising CBI and May's Brexit deal

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A group of young business leaders, including consultants from Deloitte and PwC, has written to the CBI the day after it entertained Prime Minister May, rubbishing her Withdrawal Agreement deal and calling for a People's Vote.

The CBI gave half-hearted support to May at its conference yesterday on the basis that any deal was better than no deal.

The young entrepreneurs say, "We on the CBI to advise parliament to reject the government's deal. The CBI should describe the government's deal for what it is: a deal which will create a worse business climate than what we currently enjoy.

"The deal's negative implications for British business are clear. Our parliament must honour British traditions of free-trading economic outreach and reject this deal which would foreclose future prosperity."

They add that, "In private, many business leaders concede that this deal will reduce Britain's prospects for sustained economic growth and further entrench social mobility issues. We are speaking out now because young British business people feel the best interests of our economy rest on the rejection of this deal. This deal is simply not good enough for the future of our firms, which collectively employ thousands.

"Given that this deal is not good enough for British businesses, we support a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal, with an option to Remain."

Signatories include Gurjinder Dhaliwal of Deloitte, Liam Conlon, strategy consultant with PwC, and Edward Hughes, senior consultant with an unnamed firm.

The letter was organised by the Remain campaign group Our Future, Our Choice.

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