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Capgemini wins global award.


Paris: Capgemini has won the 2011 Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Globalisation Award, for its work in the international financial services and insurance industries.

In its citation, research group Frost & Sullivan says, "Deep domain knowledge, complemented by its (Capgemini's) global process strategy and technological capability, underline the company's leadership."

"A diverse portfolio of over 900 clients, including Fortune 500 companies, underpins Capgemini's outstanding record in servicing financial management needs," notes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Arnab Nath. "The company reflects the perfect blend of end-to-end financial management processes and high quality assurance."

A focus on organic growth and strategic acquisitions has allowed Capgemini to expand its global footprint. It has a highly visible presence in over 40 countries and is currently targeting the emerging economies of Asia, Latin America, and Middle East.

"The company's Rightshore strategy has enabled it to implement agile and efficient processes in diverse geographies," remarks Nath. "This, in turn, has boosted the company's productivity and, by combining global presence with regional know-how, has armed it with a competitive edge."

"The company leverages its centers for excellence in various segments of financial management services including banking, insurance, compliance as well as risk management, wealth management, and capital markets," says Nath. "It continually supports client demands by upgrading solutions, even while seamlessly uniting capital and human resources across onshore, nearshore, and offshore locations."

Frost & Sullivan says Capgemini's Global Process Model adapts to regional regulatory requirements while simultaneously ensuring a global standard. This world class methodology helps the company transform financial operations into value-added business functions.

Shane Cassidy, VP — Financial Services Global Business Unit at Capgemini said "This award for globalization excellence fully recognizes the success of our strategic methodologies including our Global Process Model* and Global Delivery model, Rightshore. We have leveraged the right balance of locations, our streamlined processes and innovative customized business models to help our clients reduce cost and ultimately improve their bottom line."

Frost & Sullivan says it presents this award to the company that has demonstrated excellence in processing a strategic global footprint, leveraging global assets and globally integrating its processes/systems. The award recipient is also lauded for the enhanced global value offered to its customers and for its global perspective.

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