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Capgemini teams with SAS for big data campaign

Big Data

London: Capgemini has teamed with leading business analytics software group SAS in a campaign to support big data solutions in the UK.

SAS has joined forces with Capgemini to focus on specific solutions that will enable clients to derive business value from big data and analytics.

With business analytics and big data set to be the next battleground for competitive differentiation and performance improvement, Capgemini and SAS will team up to deliver Value Discovery — a six-to-eight week programme demonstrating the scope and scale of business analytics and providing a roadmap for future implementation.

Value Discovery combines SAS technology and Capgemini business expertise, with the aim of offering a 'best in class' assessment of how business analytics can be applied within a specific organisation.

This includes identification of a business case, an assessment of current capabilities, workshops to demonstrate the solution in action and an indication of what the solution could deliver in the future.

Plans to extend Value Discovery into other territories are currently in development.

David Doyle, Head of Business Analytics, Capgemini Consulting, said, "The campaign focuses on helping clients derive business value from big data and analytics and how we can guide them through the technology options.

"We have developed an integrated go-to-market plan and a comprehensive sales kit to support the campaign, fronted by a major study by the Economist Intelligence Unit based on the results of a survey of 600 business leaders on big data and decision-making."

That study identified a clear correlation between data analytics and business growth. For example, nine out of 10 companies that have experienced rapid growth view 'big data' analysis as vital to consumer loyalty and retention programmes. By contrast, only around a half of companies experiencing negative growth share the same view.

SAS recently commissioned the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) to evaluate how much big data was worth to the UK economy.

The report, 'Data equity: Unlocking the value of big data', revealed that properly harnessing the value in big data through analytics, in particular high-performance analytics, could deliver revenues of £216 billion over the next five years as well as create 58,000 net new jobs.

Mark Wilkinson, Managing Director of SAS UK & Ireland, commented, "All the research indicates how big data analytics has the power unlike any other technology to generate growth, create jobs, develop new innovations and deliver greater operational efficiencies.

"Organisations must get to grips with the big data opportunity and use high-performance analytics to make more informed business decisions more quickly."

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