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Accenture to help organise Mumbai labour.

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Mumbai: The Government of Maharashtra, India's second biggest state, has awarded Accenture a three-year management consulting and technology contract to help manage the administration of labour laws and create a management system to support services ranging from renewal of licenses to filing online grievances through an interactive portal.

The contract supports the states'Mahashramm initiative, designed to manage and track services and payments through collaboration with banks for India's "unorganized" workforce of 20 million people. The program is unique in size and scale and has been cited by the International Labour Organization (ILO) as one of the best of its' kind.

Accenture will help implement a management framework and technology system to provide services, including registration and filing of applications, by building an online portal and creating a database to provide financial inclusion to unorganized workers using biometric signatures, such as fingerprint recognition. This phase will be integrated with the Unique Identification Program (UID) of the Government of India.

"Accenture is proud to have been selected by the Department of Labour to support such an ambitious and innovative project," said Krishna Giri, managing director for Accenture's Health & Public Service business in India. "We look forward to helping improve the way India's people can access information and interact with their government. We are delighted to partner with the government on its journey toward making Maharashtra a high performing state."

"The Department of Labour is glad to have Accenture to assist it in the implementation of the Labour Management System. This project aims at arriving at a win-win situation both for the employers, in organized and unorganized sectors, as well as employees. We hope for a meaningful association with Accenture, which will herald the delivery of this unprecedented and unique service which, I hope, will create a model of labour laws and decent working conditions for the unorganized and informal labour force not only in the State of Maharashtra, but also in the rest of the world," said Dr. Kavita Gupta, principal secretary of the Government of Maharashtra, Labour Department.

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