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Accenture ramps up global delivery

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London: Accenture has responded to growing client demand for cloud-based solutions with global expansion of its delivery capabilities and skills, opening new Cloud centres in the UK, France and North America.

The firm is expanding its alliance relationship with by ramping up its global workforce, enhancing its skills training and certification program, and launching new Cloud Centres of Excellence in the United States and Canada, and in the UK and France later this year.

These locations will build on Accenture's global network of delivery centres in China, India and the Philippines.

Accenture also announced the opening of the Accenture Innovation Centre for in London. The new centre will serve as a showcase location for Accenture and to bring to life new solutions and prototypes based on innovative implementation approaches and to demonstrate the tremendous client value the two companies can jointly deliver.

"Accenture and are taking our alliance to a new level as we continue to see significant new opportunities," said Paul Daugherty, chief technology architect at Accenture.

"Over the past two years we have seen tremendous growth in our software as a service (SaaS) business. represents the largest share of our SaaS business and we're seeing more cloud-enabled transformation programs in the pipeline than ever, increasingly connected to the social enterprise. As a result, we are expanding our delivery capabilities to bring innovative solutions at scale to our enterprise clients who are increasingly demanding apps and platforms." has recognized Accenture as having the largest dedicated practice of any global service provider and to facilitate the planned expansion in capabilities and headcount, Accenture and are working together to develop a proprietary, accelerated workforce training and certification program. This new program builds on the in-house training capability first established by Accenture in 2009.

"As the shift to the social enterprise continues to accelerate, our strategic partnership with Accenture is increasingly important to help customers transform themselves to thrive in this social revolution," said George Hu, chief operating officer,

"Since launching our vision for the social enterprise, Accenture has become the leading provider in our largest transformational projects. In this next phase of our relationship, Accenture will rapidly scale its delivery capacity to address global demand from companies who want to become social enterprises."

As part of this strategic relationship, the two companies will also invest in joint activities to accelerate the delivery of Salesforce solutions in the enterprise market, including:

  • Closer R&D cooperation in rapidly developing areas including social collaboration, digital marketing and analytics, with direct links between product development teams and Accenture Technology Labs.
  • Development of architecture frameworks, delivery methods and implementation tools to support increased efficiencies in the delivery of enterprise-level projects.
  • Co-development of social enterprise vision and roadmap development capabilities, including continued support of the Accenture Enterprise Social Media Innovation Centre in San Jose. At its core, Accenture is creating an experimental environment to identify, develop and test ideas and approaches that further enhance the value of the social enterprise and social collaboration technologies including Salesforce Chatter.

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