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Accenture in Italian leasing deals

Milan: Accenture has signed five-year outsourcing agreements with both Banco Popolare Group (BP.MI) and Alba Leasing. It will provide application management and infrastructure services to support the two companies' leasing operations. Banco Popolare is Italy's fourth largest bank by assets and Alba Leasing is among the country's top 10 leasing companies by new contracts.

At the same time, under a separate agreement, Accenture will acquire Itaca Service from Banco Popolare Group's subsidiary, Banca Italease. Itaca Service provides IT services to the Group's leasing companies and to Alba Leasing. Thirty-three employees are expected to transfer to Accenture and will continue to provide IT services to Banco Popolare's leasing companies and to Alba. Financial details were not disclosed.

Accenture says it will develop, maintain and support Banco Popolare's and Alba's entire leasing applications portfolio, including leasing products management and regulatory reporting applications. Accenture will also manage the IT infrastructure for these companies' leasing operations, including remote management and support, data center operations, network and deskside support services.

"It's important for Banco Popolare Group to ensure its leasing applications and infrastructure are aligned with its business strategy, while optimizing overall IT costs," said Ottavio Rigodanza, chief operating officer at Banco Popolare Group. "With Accenture's support, we will benefit from improved quality of services, and we will be able to focus more on our core activities and on growing our business."

"As Alba Leasing is always looking to improve its services and efficiency for its clients, this operation will ensure better market positioning, while Accenture's support and capabilities will strengthen the overall service quality and professional outputs," said Samuele Marconcini, head of the Organization and Human Resources Department at Alba Leasing.

"Banco Popolare and Alba are valued clients of Accenture and we look forward to working even more closely with them," said Franco Turconi, managing director of Accenture's banking industry practice in Italy. "These agreements will help drive greater business agility and continuous IT improvement and innovation for both companies. With the talented and seasoned professionals from Itaca Service joining Accenture, we are reinforcing our ability to serve the Italian leasing market."

Accenture serves the global leasing industry through Accenture Credit Services, a full-service consulting, technology and outsourcing capability that supports institutions in the residential mortgage, commercial real estate, leasing and automotive finance industries. The services are designed to bring significant improvements to customer experience, efficiency, quality, and profitability for lenders and servicers. Accenture Credit Services serves more than 80 major lending institutions worldwide.

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