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One van - 30,000 km - 2 words - STOP BREXIT

Andy Pardy

For most consultants, going rogue means leaving the office at 5, or switching the iPhone off over the weekend.

So let's hear it for Andy Pardy, aka The Rogue Consultant.

Pardy has found himself one of the heroes of the anti-Brexit Remain movement in the UK.

The self-styled digital transformation consultant from Exeter jacked his job in, invested his life's savings in a VW Transporter and set off in August on a Homeric journey to protest against the UK's decision to leave the EU.

Pardy's Last European Tour will literally write STOP BREXIT across Europe via GPS. He is embracing freedom of movement — before it is taken away — on an epic road trip of 30,000 km across 32 countries.

You can follow his progress daubing an E somewhere between Austria and Belgium here and on Twitter @ConsultantRogue — and perhaps even help fund him

Drive safely Andy.

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