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No news is good news?

Mayo: Here's an end of year competition for you. How many news releases did the world's biggest management consulting firms issue in the working week between Christmas and New Year?

Answer — none at all.*

This is not a complaint. Frankly, the consulting industry's hyper-active PRs are as much in need of a break as anyone else. A bit of work-life balance never hurt anyone.

But their uncharacteristic silence is curious. And paradoxical.

If you were sad enough to need to read a newspaper on Christmas day, or just wanted to avoid your family for a few hours, you could; in the UK, The Sunday Times published on Christmas day for the first time in its 190 year history. It was — and this is the important bit — a digital-only edition.

So here is the irony. In the UK another million people unwrapped an iPad, Kindle or other tablet this Christmas. Conventional publishers throw out their traditional schedules, and their business models, to deliver digital content and feed the on-line monster we have all created — and the world's PRs go on holiday.

Perhaps they just had nothing to say. Enjoy the break guys.

* Or so few you'd be hard pressed to find them. This figure was reached by highly unscientific sampling, conducted by yours truly with nothing better to do on December 30.

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