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Firms wary of new gTLDs


Manchester: A suitably embarrassing start for the vulgar new world of Top Level Domain names this week.

After ICANN (International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) announced some 2000 initial bids for new generic TLDs — on "Reveal Day" — at Kings Cross in London, it took its own marketing a bit too literally by then publishing the home addresses and telephone numbers of all the lead applicants.

On Thursday ICANN had to take the whole list off its web site, before republishing it with the offending data removed.

And what it shows is that — perhaps surprisingly — few consulting firms have pushed to the front of a list dominated by Google, Amazon and corporate USA.

Deloitte declared — and explained — its hand April, and it has been joined by a select band of pioneers — global consulting firms and IT services groups with significant consulting interests:

  • Accenture
  • BCG
  • Fujitsu
  • IBM
  • Infosys
  • KPMG
  • Mckinsey
  • Tata.

To be honest, I was expecting more enthusiasm. Perhaps consulting firms were put off by the $185,000 application fee.

Or maybe they just didn't want the personal details of their executives broadcast over the web.

PS — Pixie Station LLC outbid me for the TLD "Consulting".

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