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Accenture's brand magic

Manchester: What's in a name? In Accenture's case — around $8 billion worth of brand value, which love the firm or loath it, is pretty remarkable given the fact that the label didn't exist ten years ago.

I was not alone in thinking that the then Andersen Consulting had lost the run of itself (partners past and present — you know who you are) when the Accenture brand was unveiled in 2001 — not, legend has it, the invention of Madison Avenue, but dreamed up by a junior consultant in Denmark.

What did it mean (accent on the future?)? How did you pronounce it? What was the ">" for?

What did I know?

Not much.

The renaming was part of the firm's arbitration settlement with Arthur Andersen, and proved fantastically well-timed, given Andersen's implosion after the Enron scandal in 2002.

Starting life as Accenture took nerve and no little chutzpah, and in part because of it, the firm has never looked back.

Ten years later it has lost none of its sense of marketing adventure and it will be hard to avoid the latest generation of its "High performance. Delivered." campaign pouring out across the globe in the next few weeks.

The result is that Accenture is currently ranked No. 45 on Interbrand's ranking of the top 100 global brands, with a brand value of $8 billion. This represents a 55 percent increase in brand value since 2002, when Accenture made its debut on Interbrand's ranking of the top 100 global brands, at No. 53.

For the record, Accenture has recently implemented a new global advertising model separating creative development from execution.

For creative development, Accenture appointed TBWA/Chiat/Day as its new agency of record. Tag Worldwide was appointed Accenture's production agency responsible for translating and implementing the campaign in all mediums across the globe. WPP's MEC continues to be responsible for global media planning and buying.

Of course, all its marketing innovation would look pretty silly if the firm did not do the business. But you can't argue with $25.5 billion turnover.

High performance — delivered.


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