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Accenture looks down as CBI offers lukewarm support for May's deal

May at CBI

Accenture certainly got its money's worth from sponsorship of the CBI conference this week.

Its logo was perched above Prime Minister May's shoulder all day on the BBC and the rest of the MSM.

Whether this is unalloyed brand positioning is another matter.

The CBI certainly welcomed May's deal as better than No Deal, despite its frustrations that the Withdrawal Agreement and outline Future Relationship does not guarantee friction-less trade and reservations about immigration terms.

But May's speech has taken a subsequent panning for reducing reciprocal freedom of movement rights to "queue jumping" — a UKIP dog whistle if ever there was one — and quite why anyone would want to be seen to be endorsing a plan that presents such existential threat to technology consulting and its clients is a mystery.

Deloitte, the long term conference partner, may have had good luck to swerve it this year.

And at least the Accenture logo did not fall off the set.

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