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PwC teams up with corporate philosopher Roger Steare

Roger Steare

London: PwC has teamed up with corporate philosopher Professor Roger Steare to help business leaders embed integrity in their business critical decisions.

Professor Steare is the Corporate Philosopher in Residence and Honorary Visiting Professor of Organisational Ethics at Cass Business School.

Through the collaboration, which incorporates Professor Steare's ethicability and MoralDNA research programmes, PwC will offer a distinctive service to help businesses understand how they can use corporate ethics to enable their business to be more sustainable and profitable.

Tracey Groves, a partner in the PwC Forensic Services team, said, ""Business leaders are increasingly facing pressure to do the right thing but are often struggling to incorporate integrity and ethics into their business thinking.

"An enhanced global regulatory environment, increased boardroom focus on the mitigation of high impact risks and heightened expectations from stakeholders are all adding to that pressure. Unprofessional conduct and unethical behaviour can undermine reputation and share price and pose a serious threat to any organisation's longevity, and businesses that ignore ethics are missing a trick.

"Society expects business leaders to behave ethically and with integrity, and to create a culture that facilitates good decision-making. Regulatory rules alone are not always sufficient to ensure the probability that future failures are minimised.

"Addressing complex issues of integrity, ethics, behavioural risk and compliance is vital for businesses to make tough decisions that are ethically sound. This also provides a starting point for organisations to respond to the complex question of how to provide comfort, or 'assurance', on behaviours across their business, spanning diverse cultures and geographies."

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