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BearingPoint re-elects Peter Mockler as managing partner

Peter Mockler - BearingPoint

London,Frankfurt: Peter Mockler, worldwide leader of management and technology consultancy BearingPoint, has been formally re-elected by the firm's partners to serve as Managing Partner for a further three year term commencing September 1, 2012.

Mockler first took charge during the firm's management buyout in 2009 that established it as an independent, partner-owned, international management and technology consultancy. He guided the firm through the transformation process and has since helped develop its practice and offering to clients.

Under Mockler's leadership as Managing Partner the firm has increased revenues from €441m (2009) to €514m (2011) and the number of employees has grown from 3,200 to more than 3,400.

The firm says the re-election sends a strong signal from BearingPoint: not only are the shareholders very pleased with Peter Mockler's performance but they also want to continue following the same strategy. In his second term as Managing Partner the 51-year-old consultant will concentrate on profitable and sustainable growth as well as strengthening the reputation and position of BearingPoint as a management and technology consultancy.

Peter Mockler said, "Now, three years after the MBO, we have a very strong position in the consulting market. I am delighted to continue developing BearingPoint's presence and practices, together with our more than 3,400 people, to further our successful value creation strategies for clients. We will also focus on international cooperation to establish our unique combination of management and technology consultancy for clients across countries and businesses."

Peter Mockler entered consultancy in 1989 after completing his Masters degree in engineering and business administration. In 2006 he was elected Chairman of the Management Board of the German firm BearingPoint GmbH, became Executive Vice President of BearingPoint EMEA and member of the Executive Leadership Team of BearingPoint, Inc.

In 2009 he successfully led the European management buyout from BearingPoint, Inc., creating an independent company of more than 120 partners with European roots and a global reach. He was elected Managing Partner for the first time in 2009.

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