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ADL is voted most influential chemical engineer.

Chemical Engineering

The founder of Arthur D. Little, the world's first management consulting firm, Arthur Dehon Little, has been voted the most influential chemical engineer by 'The Chemical Engineer' (TCE) journal.

Little won 30% of the vote in the 2011 TCE's series about Chemical Engineers who Changed the World, for defining the role of the chemical engineer.

Little, best known for his creation of Arthur D. Little, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary, popularised the concept of unit operations: the realisation that if you break down industrial operations into their constituent parts, many processes use exactly the same unit of operation. Moreover, these units often operate in very similar ways and face similar problems, even if used in different industries — thereby explaining why process engineers work in a broad spread of industries.

The series will continue in TCE throughout 2012. A listing of all the chemical engineers featured to date can be found at here.

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