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GE Healthcare Finnamore joins MCA

London: GE Healthcare Finnamore, an award winning specialist health and social care consultancy, has joined the UK MCA (Management Consultancies Association). The firm, founded by Bruce Finnamore as a niche management consultancy in 1991, was acquired by GE Healthcare in 2013 — and now has some 70 healthcare consultants with expertise in health and social care consulting, analytics, technology, capital and leadership. John Deverill, Managing Partner at GE Healthcare Finnamore, said: "NHS England recently cited a potential £30billion funding gap by 2020-21 if health and social care services continue to be delivered in the same way. Our consultants work tirelessly to help combat this gap and deliver lasting change with our clients. We lead major transformation in health and social care, driving better services, better patient outcomes, and better workforce experience across the country. We are hugely proud to be part of the MCA and its highly regarded network of consultancy practices, and believe strongly in the significant value that management consultancy brings."

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