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Wipro brings IT to Natal school

Johannesburg: Indian IT consultancy Wipro Ltd. has launched a Computer Learning Incubator and a library at the Gobandlovu Primary School, in Esikhawini in KwaZulu-Natal. The school was amongst many lacking both a library and basic computer equipment with internet access, and Wipro has set up a Computer Learning Incubator (CLI), a facility that provides PCs and internet connectivity to the students. The CLI can be used by the local community like an internet cafe. The centre was built by Breadline Africa and funded by Wipro. Breadline Africa renovates disused shipping containers and recycles them for essential community purposes. Since it was set up in 1993, it has provided over 190 containers to poverty stricken communities. For the past four years, the Cape Town based NGO has worked with the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory to place container libraries in each of nine provinces. To date, 39 library containers have been placed in schools across South Africa.

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