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"start.ing2013" will give engineers insight into life at Roland Berger


Munich: Roland Berger Strategy Consultants is repeating the innovative recruitment workshop concept it launched last summer, which this year will see candidates develop strategy in aviation.

  • Recruiting workshop "start.ing2013" in Munich is designed for students, graduates, PhDs and professionals with an engineering background from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Students will prepare a strategy for a leading international aviation company
  • Applications accepted until May 26

Participants at Roland Berger's "start.ing2013" must this year develop a strategy for an international aviation manufacturer. The event is designed for university students who have completed at least their second semester, graduates and PhDs as well as professionals with up to two years of work experience and an engineering background. The workshop will be held from June 13 to 16 in Munich.

"More and more consulting projects require technical know-how — be it in the aviation, high-tech or automotive industry. This means engineers have excellent career opportunities here," says Ralf Kalmbach, Partner and member of the firm's global Executive Committee.

He says that, at Roland Berger, people with engineering degrees have the opportunity to work on future-oriented industry topics. In aviation, these include developing more efficient engines or lighter components in response to more expensive fuel and stricter emissions regulations.

Consulting up close

At "start.ing2013", engineering students and graduates can find out how to apply their technical knowledge to strategy consulting: in other words, at the interface between engineering and business.

Participants can gain valuable insights into how to enter the business world. They will learn how to present their ideas convincingly and apply their new skills to a real consulting project. Together with other participants, they must develop a strategy for a leading global aviation company.

At the end, the teams will present their results — just like at a real board meeting — and must convince the aviation manufacturer and Roland Berger experts of their concept. The best team wins a coaching session.

Direct contact to the client and consultants

As on a real project, participants will have direct contact with the client during the workshop to help them better understand the processes and develop a strategy. During the project work, the teams will familiarize themselves with the methods used in international strategy consulting. As well as project work, the engineers will get a chance to peek behind the scenes at Roland Berger's headquarters in Munich, and they will be able to network with consultants and learn more about their personal career opportunities.

For more information on "start.ing2013" in Munich and the application form, go here.

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