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Roland Berger opens strategy school in Munich.


Munich: Roland Berger Strategy Consultants is to open its own business school in its native Germany and plans a campus in China later this year.

  • Roland Berger School of Strategy and Economics will focus on refining strategic and methodological knowledge and on analyzing and evaluating economic trends
  • First campus is in Munich, with Beijing and Berlin to follow
  • The school will initially serve the consultancy's own people worldwide with a range of workshops, training courses and fellowship programs,
  • The international training and workshop program will be extended in 2013 to include the consultancy's clients

The inaugural Roland Berger School of Strategy and Economics (RBSE) will be sited in Munich, with campuses to follow in Beijing in the summer of 2012 and Berlin in 2013. Its courses are initially aimed at the consultancy's own people worldwide but starting in 2013, workshops and training will also be offered to the consultancy's clients.

"Our methodological know-how provides the foundations on which we can offer clients genuine added value with creative strategies," says Dr. Martin C. Wittig, CEO of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.

What the new institute means for employees is above all, the firm says, attractive opportunities for helping develop new methodology. "Lifelong learning is a constant challenge for companies that want to give their staff options for combining work and learning. This is certainly true for a global strategy consultancy like Roland Berger," says Wittig. "'And by setting up this school, we want to draw our most talented people closer to the company and take an even more systematic approach to developing our knowledge."

Methodologies and economic trends

The aim of RBSE is to refine management expertise and spot global business trends.

"With the new school, we will study important economic developments across borders and industries, detect them at an early stage and evaluate them for our clients. We want to spot new business trends and understand the bigger picture, looking beyond individual industries," explains Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker, who heads the Supervisory Board of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and is also Chairman of RBSE. "We want to merge economic, business and socio-political developments," adds Schwenker. Wide-ranging cooperation with national and international organizations as well as top-ranking universities will be pushed further to jointly develop teaching and research topics. The most important study findings to emerge from the School's work on methodologies will be regularly published in the new THOUGHTS series.

The newly established school aims to bundle the experience and comprehensive knowledge of the consultancy's 2,500 employees. This knowledge can now be pooled more effectively and passed on through on-site workshops or e-learning courses. Fellowship programs also enable the consultants to engage in intensive studies at the School itself. Employees are given the chance to take time out from projects and spend several months studying. This option complements the attractive retention programs already on offer to its employees in 35 countries. "The comprehensive exchange of knowledge between our consultants and academic experts around the world also delivers important benefits to our clients," adds Thomas Rinn, Roland Berger Partner and Founding Dean of the school. "After all, the progress we make on methods will be applied successfully in our consultancy projects."

From Munich to Beijing and Berlin

Munich will be home to the first campus of RBSE. But over the coming months, campuses are also to be established in Beijing and Berlin. "The school is a major element in our strategy and investment concept. In particular, we attach great importance to the Beijing base as part of our efforts to strengthen international exchange," explains Ralf Kalmbach, Partner and member of Roland Berger's Executive Committee.

The firm says RBSE will soon be available to those outside the company, too. It plans to open its doors to external participants in 2013 and give clients the opportunity to explore strategy topics in more depth.

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