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Roland Berger joins elite Commission for Future Generations

Commission For Future Generations
Roland Berger
Pascal Lamy

Munich: Professor Dr. h.c. Roland Berger, founder and honorary chairman of German strategy consultancy Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, has been appointed a member of the prestigious Commission for Future Generations.

The Commission, launched earlier this month, is an initiative of the Oxford Martin School, an interdisciplinary research community inside Oxford University.

The Commission is headed by Pascal Lamy, General Director of the World Trade Organization. Besides Roland Berger, the other members include:

  • Nobel Prize Laureates Amartya Sen from Harvard University and Lord Stern from the London School of Economics
  • Jean-Claude Trichet, former President of the European Central Bank
  • Robert Zoellick, former President of the World Bank
  • Lord Patten, former EU Commissioner and Chairman of the BBC
  • Nandan Nilekani, former CEO of Infosys and advisor to the Indian Government
  • Liu He, Minister for Planning and Development in the State Council of the People's Republic of China
  • Luiz Felipe Lampreia, Brazil's former Foreign Secretary
  • Arianna Huffington, President and publisher of Huffington Post Media Group.

The Commission says that, "Given the complexity and gravity of today's economic, social and environmental challenges, improving decision-making to consider the implications for the coming decades must be a priority for every responsible community or organisation.

"Whether on issues of population, finance and economic reform, energy supply, climate change, food security or technological change, embedding the long term into today's increasingly pressured decision structures will allow societies and business to harvest the extraordinary potential and mitigate the systemic risks and vulnerabilities associated with future developments."

The Commission aims to produce a practical 'must read' guide to longer-term decision making and provide suggestions to help rebuild public dialogue and engagement in deliberations about the future. The final report of the commission will be launched in the second half of 2013.

More information on the Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations can be found here.

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