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PA celebrates 70 years of innovation with new logo re-branding

PA Logo

London: PA Consulting Group, the UK's oldest management consultancy firm, has refreshed its brand identity with a new logo to coincide with its 70th anniversary.

This is only the third logo in PA's history and the firms says it has been designed to celebrate PA's past innovations, whilst at the same time conveying the pioneering work PA delivers today.

During its 70 years, PA has been involved in developing hundreds of leading-edge products ranging from creating the stripes on your toothpaste to a life-saving bomb detection device saving troops in Afghanistan. Notable consulting projects include improving Bank of England forgery detection, delivering reliable electricity supply in the Republic of Georgia and the new UK passport. As PA continues to innovate and launch new products — including a wearable health patch that monitors vital statistics and costs less than a chocolate bar — the new logo takes PA in to a new era and celebrates its work in consulting, technology and innovation.

The new logo is a complete transformation from PA's previous logo, which was launched in 1984. The letters 'PA' retain the red and grey palette and the circles on the top right represent thought bubbles (free thinking) or molecules (innovation).

Commenting on the new logo, Robert Man, brand specialist at PA Consulting Group, says: "Our clients choose PA because we are ahead of our time. The goal in developing our new logo was to be bold with the change while maintaining the positive associations from our 30-year-old logo.

"Our new logo has been designed to improve how we communicate our great work in the marketplace, helping leaders overcome the major challenges they face today and developing solutions to deliver even greater success tomorrow. As well as a new logo, we are introducing a bold new visual identity and a redesigned website."

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