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No way No Deal can be the long-term end state: Sir Ivan Rogers

Sir Ivan Rogers

The Good news.

"The UK and EU know there is no chance of no deal Brexit being the long-term end state, as the UK would quickly come back to the negotiating table."

So says Sir Ivan Rogers, the former UK ambassador and now the best informed and most acerbic critic of the government's Brexit negotiations.

If you really want to know how we got into this mess, and what might happen next, you could do worse than listen to him in conversation at the Institute for Government this week.

The Bad news?

"These fantasies of release and liberation — they are fantasies. We are going to be negotiating on everything from aviation to farming for evermore with our biggest neighbour. We cannot live in glorious isolation. Talk to the Swiss and to the Norwegians — they live in a permanent state of negotiation with the EU."

You were warned.

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