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Moorhouse will hire junior consultants to fuel growth plans

Stephen Vinall

London: Business transformation consultancy Moorhouse has introduced a junior level grade for the first time in its nine year history.

Moorhouse will recruit high-achieving graduates in the early years of their career. They will be trained by and work alongside experienced Moorhouse consultants on complex and critical business transformations.

The firm says such opportunities were previously only open to experienced practitioners — and that hiring junior consultants reflects its growth and ambition.

Stephen Vinall, Moorhouse managing director explained, "This is a natural move for Moorhouse. For the first time we are looking to develop individuals who may not come from a consulting background.

" As we continue to grow, we have the opportunity to develop a 'home grown' talent pool where our senior level experienced consultants share their knowledge and experience with quality experienced graduates in the early stage of their careers. Our clients have come to expect the highest delivery quality from Moorhouse, so the training, mentoring and development programme will actively reinforce this standard."

This new entry level will mean that graduates with relevant experience in project management, and two years' experience from relevant companies, will be encouraged to apply.

Stephen Vinall added, "Moorhouse is recognised by its clients for having deep programme management expertise and a pragmatic attitude to business transformation. Our people really engage and integrate with our clients' teams. We have a culture of taking our work seriously but not ourselves, and these new joiners to the team will really benefit from a focused, fun and collaborative working environment.

" In addition, they will receive specialist training in small groups and on a 1:1 basis, rather than as part of a large scale on-boarding programmes."

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