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MCA Awards 2012 - Hudson & Yorke

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MCA Award winners 2012 - Hudson

London: Hudson & Yorke helped Barclays navigate the contractual complexities of bringing some of its telecommunications services back in-house.

2012 Outsourcing winner

Barclays made a strategic decision to move away from a fully outsourced model and selectively in-source its principal telecommunications services. As the first of the large banks to make a move to a hybrid model, this was a multifaceted change with a high level of reputational and operational risk.

Hudson & Yorke was brought on board as a specialist consultancy to help Barclays write and negotiate the new complex telecommunications services contracts and to aid the delivery of the transformation programme.

Over a period of 18 months, the Hudson & Yorke team worked closely with Barclays to draft and negotiate firstly the main branch contract with a new supplier which would remain outsourced and then a series of new service schedules for the old supplier that reflected the changed model. The challenge was to ensure that all of these contracts worked together and fitted with the services that Barclays were to manage in-house. Key to this was aligning the work with Barclays developing risk management controls framework to ensure a standardised approach.

Barclays and Hudson & Yorke developed a close and trusting working relationship which empowered the consulting team to negotiate many of the details whilst Barclays retained strategic oversight. Hudson & Yorke brought an independent perspective and was able to leverage its specialist experience, detailed toolkit and clear best practice viewpoints in order to help deliver best in class contract terms within demanding timescales. As the Barclays controls framework was being developed in parallel, the team had to show considerable agility in reflecting evolving requirements into the negotiation process.

Hudson & Yorke's flexible and agile approach coupled with its specialist telecommunications knowledge enabled a successful move to a hybrid sourcing model. This project delivered significant cost savings whilst giving Barclays strategic control of its business critical sites, along with a robust set of contracts with third parties to manage the other elements of the estate in line with governance policies, standards and procedures

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