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KPMG offers Crowd Connection in UK, built on Chaordix technology

KPMG London
Shelley Kuipers

London: KPMG is to offer a new market intelligence service in the UK, Crowd Connection, fuelled by a strategic alliance with Chaordix Inc.

KPMG says Chaordix is the global standard in crowdsourced market intelligence, and the deal between the two firms is designed to bring an innovative managed services offering to companies in the UK.

The new Crowd Connection offering, is powered by the Chaordix Crowd Intelligence process and technology.

The service will be brought to market by KPMG. It will provide leading brands with digital market insights from a customisable forum for product innovation.

The interactive web and mobile offering taps into the power of crowdsourcing and can be configured as a one-time market research project or an ongoing, managed social community to engage with a (public or invitation-only) "crowd" of a brand's most valued stakeholders, customers, prospects, supply chain intermediaries, employees and or partners.

"We're thrilled to team up with KPMG on this powerful offering," said Shelley Kuipers, founder and CEO of Calgary-based Chaordix.

"With this alliance, KPMG's clients will be able to benefit from an always-on global market intelligence gathering platform and analysis capacity which we've found is a highly effective and cost efficient improvement on many traditional means of market research, brand development, and innovation exploration."

"By aligning KPMG's broad industry expertise and rich advisory capabilities with Chaordix's deep experience in crowdsourcing program and platform design, we bring an exceptional ability to help clients obtain significant business impact from the very best ideas and insights of their most valuable stakeholder contributors," said Adam Bates, UK Head of Foresight and Innovation, KPMG.

"Whether an employee crowd is contributing to the transformation of an organisation's talent management program or a customer crowd's insights hold the promise of improving a brand experience, we can help bring that potential to life."

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