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Deloitte opens technology hub to harness exponential Digital growth

David Sproul

London: The scramble for digital consulting credibility continued today with Deloitte launching a major London technology hub, while the business advisory firm has also joined the Government's Your Life scheme.

UK Chancellor George Osborne has given his backing to Deloitte's new London technology studio, formally opening the site and announcing the creation of 1,200 jobs at the firm.

Deloitte will offer 500 extra roles within its new digital operation, while a total of 4,500 recruits will join the company before the end of next year.

Deloitte said it is keen to maintain its support for young people, with 2,000 graduates and school leavers due to be taken on by December 2015.

Your Life commitments

Mr Osborne said the new studio should prove to be a "fantastic investment" in the country's wider technology sector.

He also welcomed Deloitte's efforts to encourage more women to enter the growing technology industry, by signing up to the Government's Your Life campaign.

This scheme seeks to raise the number of female students gaining skills in the subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Supporting young people

In a show of support for Your Life, the firm has said all of its Women in Technology Network members will be encouraged to mentor youngsters through the Deloitte Access programme. Network members will also share their experiences of working in the technology sector with the likes of schools, universities and businesses.

As part of its ongoing outreach, mentoring and careers schemes, Deloitte said it will also seek to engage with 2,000 students and school pupils within the coming year.

Meanwhile, 120 candidates from 15 of the schools given Deloitte Access status will be handed the opportunity to work on the telecommunications, media and technology predictions reports which are produced by the company's experts.

Finally, Deloitte will open up as many as 50 summer work experience and BrightStart placements, focusing on STEM-related careers.

Investing in future talent

More than 180 organisations have already signed up to Your Life since its formal launch in May.

David Sproul, Deloitte UK's chief executive and senior partner, said the company is keen to invest in the talent of the future.

He said, "We are committed to supporting the Government's Your Life campaign which fits with work we are already doing with schools to boost female participation in STEM."

By the end of the current decade, Sproul said the firm is keen for a quarter of its partners to be female.

Meanwhile, welcoming the launch of the new technology centre in London, the expert concluded: "Our digital business has grown by 100% over the last two years and we expect to double in size by the end of next year, with clients increasingly seeking advice on developing technology software, products and digital services."

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