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Chartered qualification will offer consultants professional recognition


London: The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) (including the Institute of Consulting (IC)) and the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) are working together to develop and launch a new chartered qualification, as a badge of recognition for the skills, knowledge and professionalism of management consultants.

In a joint statement Ann Francke, CEO of the CMI and Alan Leaman, CEO of the MCA said: "Our aim is to secure greater recognition for the professionalism of management consulting by creating the award of 'Chartered Management Consultant'. Our first step is to design the scope and content of the Award, looking at entry criteria and assessment processes."

Both parties are clear that, for this initiative to be successful, it will need to be valued and respected by the industry, individual consultants and firms, as well as by clients seeking professional and qualified consulting support.

As with other chartered qualifications, those seeking the award will be required to meet initial entry criteria and undergo a rigorous assessment process.

Ann Francke and Alan Leaman added: "We are in the early stages of the project, and will want to engage and consult with a wide range of interested parties, including members of CMI and MCA, other professional bodies and consulting firms of all sizes.

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