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CAST underpins Capgemini quality worldwide.


Paris: Capgemini Group has underpinned the technical quality of its IT work with a worldwide investment in automation from CAST, a world leader in software analysis and measurement.

The group began a close collaboration with CAST in France. Now it says it has completed global implementation of CAST technology to ensure the highest software quality standards in application development and maintenance across all its clients worldwide. Capgemini says this process of software industrialisation will also allow it to accelerate the introduction of new application risk assessment offers based on advanced structural software analytics from CAST.

Capgemini claims to be one the first application services providers in the world to implement automated structural quality oversight in all application development and delivery. Standardising measurement of software construction at all points in the application lifecycle also forms a key element of Lean principles applied to all development and maintenance work across the services group.

"Software analysis and measurement is clearly a must-have in application services" said Vincent Delaroche, CEO and Chairman of CAST. "I am very bullish about this strategic move, placing our companies at the forefront of achieving IT industry maturity, and reinforcing our respective leadership and market presence in North America, Europe and India."

Paul Hermelin, Capgemini Group CEO, said: "I am pleased to announce, as part of our relentless industrialisation program, an enterprise wide agreement with CAST. This will enable us to use CAST across our application services worldwide and will lead to significant automation of our software quality control activities enabling a reduction in rework effort with benefits for both ourselves and foremost, our clients."

CAST has been in use at Capgemini's Application Intelligence Center since 2006, expertise that will be extended to new go-to-market capabilities as innovative avenues for client acquisition and extension.

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