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Capgemini wants UK lead with new Digital Services unit


London: Capgemini UK plc is forming a new business unit, Capgemini Digital Services, from January 1, 2013 in a bid to become UK market leader in the rapidly expanding digital transformation arena.

The unit will deliver technology-based digital transformation for existing and new clients across all business sectors, and Capgemini plans to grow the new unit from an initial headcount of 100 to more than 400 people over the next two years.

The new unit will be headed by Capgemini Vice President Simon Short who is also the company's UK Chief Technology Officer, and it is seen as a key strategic group within Capgemini Application Services UK.

The creation of Capgemini Digital Services follows the rapid expansion over the last two years in client assignments carried out by Capgemini Consulting for clients exploring the potential of new digital technologies for transforming efficiency, customer satisfaction and market success. It also follows a report published last month of a three-year study, by the MIT Centre for Digital Business and Capgemini Consulting, of 400 global businesses, showing that the most digitally mature companies are 26 per cent more profitable than their industry competitors.

Bill Cook, CEO of Capgemini Consulting UK, said, "For CEOs and senior executives in all sectors, the transformational power of digital technology has moved to the top of the agenda, so that digital transformation is no longer a matter of 'if' but of 'what and when'. The creation of our Digital Services delivery unit now enables us to take our clients on a fully joined-up digital transformation journey, from initial ideas all the way through to reaping the benefits."

Simon Short said, "A significant part of our work will stem from clients wanting to take the ideas, insights and recommendations they have received from our colleagues in Capgemini Consulting and translate them into detailed action plans, using new technologies to deliver a transformation in business effectiveness. That is the role of Capgemini Digital Services, and it means that Capgemini clients can now benefit from continuity, with a smooth and logical progression from plans to actions, and concepts to results."

Capgemini Digital Services will focus on delivering every phase of digital transformation for clients, from design and implementation to the rollout of new IT architectures and technologies, through to ongoing management, Service Delivery and support of new systems. Three of its key focus areas will be:

  • Web-based business processes using both open and proprietary technologies;
  • e-commerce and m-commerce for business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients;
  • Cloud-based applications and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Short added, "Organisations in all sectors, from governments to supermarkets, and banks to utilities, have now become keenly aware of the all-pervasive power of digital technology to effect major business transformation, but unsure of exactly what to do or how to do it. That is why I am confident that Capgemini Digital Services will be pushing on an open door with clients of all kinds, and why our expectations of strong expansion in demand for our services will be met."

Capgemini has already started external recruitment to expand its new unit from its initial team size of 100 people. The company plans to expand the unit's headcount, through internal and external recruitment, to 400 top IT professionals by end-2014.

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