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Capgemini staff offer micro help.


Paris: Capgemini Group is mobilizing its employees all over the world to support an innovative initiative to help "micro-entrepreneurs".

Last week the firm and its subsidiary Sogeti launched a digital microcredit platform in partnership with MicroWorld.

A recent initiative from PlaNet Finance — a partner of Capgemini and Sogeti for over 10 years — MicroWorld allows individuals and companies to lend small sums of money to finance micro-entrepreneurs who are unable to access traditional banking services.

Capgemini is the first IT services consultancy to introduce a solidarity platform of this kind. The firm says the initiative is a perfect fit with its values, as well as its social responsibility and environmental policies. All of its 115,000 employees around the world are currently being mobilized — on a voluntary basis — to support the global microcredit platform.

As many as 500 million micro-entrepreneurs are currently struggling to finance and develop their projects. Capgemini, Sogeti and MicroWorld have collaborated to design a digital platform that, for the first time, links up micro-entrepreneurs with micro-lenders within companies.

Within just a few weeks of its launch with several pilot entities, the Capgemini-Sogeti microcredit platform has mobilized hundreds of team members to finance over 250 projects in Peru, Senegal, Lebanon, Tadjikistan and Cambodia. Now rolled out to all of its 115,000 Group employees, the site will provide the group with the opportunity to support micro-entrepreneurs and to make a real contribution to the fight against global poverty by fostering micro-entrepreneurship.

The micro-credit platform enables sums of money from as little as 20 euros upwards in interest-free loans to be lent to micro-entrepreneurs around the world. Each lender is able to measure the real impact their loan is making at any time during the term of the loan. Once the loan has been repaid, the lenders may either withdraw their money or reinvest it in other projects. Capgemini employees are also able to create communities of lenders by inviting their colleagues, friends and family — or even clients — to join them in financing micro projects.

About PlaNet Finance

PlaNet Finance is a leading international solidarity organisation with the mission to alleviate poverty through the development of microfinance, therefore increasing the unbanked and under-banked's access to financial services. PlaNet Finance offers a full set of services to 200 microfinance institutions. The organization is supported by renowned public donors such as the World Bank, the European Commission or AFD, and also by many foundations (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Orange Foundation, Citigroup Foundation, etc.). Based in Paris, PlaNet Finance's international network conducts activities in close to 80 countries around the world.

About MicroWorld

MicroWorld is an internet platform that allows individuals and businesses to finance the projects of micro-entrepreneurs around the world by making online loans. Born in 2010, the website offers a marketplace of online financing, news and insights on the microfinance field, and a place where lenders can organise their lending activity within an online community.

MicroWorld is run as a social business — combining a strong social mission with business methodology — whose aim is to promote the growth of microcredit in developing countries. The social business model is designed to maximise social impact through efficient, sustainable, and scalable business practices. Financed by private funds, MicroWorld gives its profits directly the microfinance NGO, PlaNet Finance

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