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Capgemini launches dedicated Digital Government unit in UK

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London: Capgemini UK plc has created a new unit, Capgemini Digital Government, dedicated to helping government and public sector organisations pursue the 'digital by default' agenda with maximum speed and efficiency and minimum risk. The firm claims that the unit is the first in the UK to be dedicated solely to digital transformation in the public sector.

Capgemini's existing UK public sector clients include central government departments such as HMRC, DWP and DfE as well as the Scottish Government and Welsh Assembly, and local councils including several London boroughs.

Capgemini Digital Government aims to offer a one-stop shop for public sector organisations at all stages of the digital transformation journey, from initial consultancy to programme completion. The overall objective is to enable public services to become fully citizen-centric — and world-class — in an increasingly online age, and help the Cabinet Office achieve its estimated £1.8 billion cost savings by the public sector moving to digital channels.

The new unit, which begins work immediately, is headed by Capgemini Vice President Matt Howell who in his new role reports to Bill Cook, Head of Government Business at Capgemini UK and CEO of Capgemini Consulting UK.

Bill Cook said, "The feedback we have received from public sector management at all levels shows a pressing demand for fully joined-up support for the many challenges of digital transformation from a global consulting and IT leader, and I am delighted that Capgemini is the first to respond to that need. We are offering a full menu of services, from consultancy on overall strategy, channel management and business process transformation through to website and systems design, project implementation and monitoring of results. By doing so, we aim to fulfill the need that public sector bodies are expressing to find all the digital transformation support they need in a single place."

Initially staffed by experienced professionals coming from other parts of the company, Capgemini Digital Government comprises business strategy and transformation consultants, experts in IT applications and infrastructure, public sector and online business specialists, and project managers. The initial staff complement of 150 is expected to double to 300 by end-2014 via external and internal recruitment.

The launch of the new unit follows the publication last month of the 10th Benchmark Measurement of European eGovernment Services, carried out by the Capgemini Group for the European Commission, showing user satisfaction for public online services lagging behind the private sector. A two-year research study into digital transformation, carried out jointly by the MIT Center for Digital Business and Capgemini Consulting, identified seven domains of digital excellence: social media, customer experience, mobile, analytics, process digitisation, internal collaboration and data integration. Capgemini Digital Government offers an end-to-end solution encompassing all these areas to ensure that the move to digital channels may be accomplished quickly and effectively while gaining the full benefits of digitisation at front-office and back-office levels.

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