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CapGemini adds supply chain service line


Paris: Capgemini has launched Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Supply Chain Management Services, which it says will drive supply chain orchestration.

The new operation will offer three key solutions — Order Management and Fulfillment, Logistics Management, and Sustainability Services — and the service line consolidates existing expertise, tools and processes to manage and optimize all facets of enterprise supply chains in a sustainable way.

Capgemini says it will act as a supply chain orchestrator to optimize operations, collaborate with partners for multi-modal logistics services and serve client shippers independently from logistics service providers. The services will leverage the Group's existing Supply Chain Strategy and Consulting practice, its Global Process Model, BPOpen Technology and its Rightshore Supply Chain Dedicated Centre of Excellence to offer customers network optimization and a more integrated approach.

The firm argues that the global supply chain is today facing economic, demographic, technology and ecological challenges, with rising fuel costs, rapid economic growth in the BRIC countries, and the volatile financial markets creating turbulence. Capgemini Consulting's Supply Chain Agenda 2011 shows that among leading international companies 40% say that market volatility remains their greatest challenge while 45% recognize that visibility of the supply chain is their main focus. And the growing prominence of sustainability is an increasing issue for business both from a legislative and a reputation perspective, particularly as expanding social media use places companies under heightened levels of scrutiny.

Capgemini's Annual Third Party Logistics survey shows that 42% of total logistics expenditures among shippers who use 3PL services are directed to outsourcing and this is predicted to rise. Within Capgemini, Business Process Outsourcing is one of the fastest growing business units and Supply Chain Management is key element to its long term growth plan.

Hubert Giraud, CEO, Business Process Outsourcing, Capgemini comments: "Capgemini is a leading global BPO provider with a rich heritage in providing supply chain services to some of the world's largest and most complex companies. This consolidated offering brings together the wealth of knowledge, techniques and tools that Capgemini's BPO business unit has honed since its inception, to provide services to meet customers' needs in the ever-changing supply chain landscape."

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