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Capco Digital will help financial firms "realise digital strategies"

Wall Street

New York: Financial services industry consultancy Capco yesterday launched Capco Digital, a multi-disciplinary group focused on providing guidance and solutions to help firms realise their digital strategies. Eric Disend, a 20-year veteran, has joined Capco as Partner to lead the new group.

At the launch, Capco said that in today's age of hyper-connectivity, financial services organisations need to gain a better understanding of how customers will and are using digital platforms, and develop solutions that transform the customer experience. Capco Digital is designed to help firms meet these challenges, and accelerate the introduction of new products and services, by providing innovative enterprise-grade digital capabilities — which factor in security, compliance and regulatory considerations. Capco says that through a multi-disciplinary approach, encompassing all aspects of digital service delivery, Capco Digital will provide its clients with a sustainable digital model, allowing clients to meet customer experience objectives and get to market quickly.

Profound change

"The financial services industry is currently in the middle of a period of profound change," said Ismail Amla, CEO of Capco North America. "Firms looking to provide more value on behalf of their clients are now turning to digital channels to help deliver non-traditional products and services in a way they haven't had to do previously. We're confident that under Eric (Disend)'s leadership, Capco Digital will drive impact for clients by acting as their digital partner."

Disend brings considerable breadth of experience driving innovation in financial services, most recently running a digital team at EMC's consulting business. Disend has a vast knowledge of the financial services landscape; he has worked for leading companies including J.P Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, with additional involvement and knowledge in areas such as telecommunications and retail. Prior to his role as a consultant, Disend ran the marketing and digital efforts for an investment management complex.

"This is a pivotal time for financial services and digital industries, especially as their customers shift how they engage with brands," said Disend.

"Leveraging a highly skilled and capable team, that brings together boutique agency-level innovation and service design, with financial business and technology expertise, we are able to help clients effectively develop and improve their digital ecosystems."

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