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BCG intends to raise business quality in China with new Academy

Rich Lesser

Dalian: Global strategy firm The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has established the BCG China Academy to help raise the level of strategic thinking and business leadership in China.

The new academy was launched at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2013 last week in Dalian.

According to Managing Director of BCG Greater China, Senior Partner Carol Liao, "The goal of the newly established academy is to help companies systematically and efficiently enhance their strategy and organizational and operational capabilities in order to achieve or maintain the leading position in the rapidly changing business environment."

BCG President and Chief Executive Officer Rich Lesser officially introduced the academy. "The global economy is changing at a rapid pace. Companies need to have not only a clear strategy but also excellent organizational and operational capabilities if they want to achieve lasting success. With rapid economic development in China, the business environment is gradually becoming more mature, and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Both local companies and multinational companies operating in China are facing a series of new challenges and starting to realize the importance of improving their internal capabilities," he said.

BCG says it established the academy to fulfil this growing business need and to help companies build capabilities, share knowledge, and develop outstanding business leaders. As an extension of the firm's Enablement Centers, BCG China Academy will provide companies with training and capability-building services that leverage BCG's strong global resources and rich project experience in Greater China.

David Jin, a partner in BCG's Shanghai office and the head of BCG China Academy, noted that, "BCG China Academy in fact combines three sources of value for companies: corporate training, an information platform, and core capability development."

BCG China Academy has developed several sets of training courses for both local companies and multinational firms. The courses are designed specifically to address the unique challenges that those companies face and to provide the capabilities that they need. Through three training formats--short-term, standalone training; project embedded training; and a long-term, ongoing advisory--the academy helps companies equip their mid- to high-level managers with needed core business skills.

As an information platform, BCG China Academy offers a consolidated source of information for businesses, providing a way to share the latest BCG research findings and insights with company executives.

BCG China Academy also helps companies build sustainable core capabilities. It supports their efforts to grow in size and strength through long-term project engagements that leverage both BCG's professional consulting teams and the abundant resources of the firm's Enablement Centers.


BCG claims that , compared with other training programs, BCG China Academy offers four unique advantages. First, the training courses are based on real business-project experience, not abstract theories: course content includes a large number of actual case studies, which makes the training more practical for companies. Second, because BCG has been operating in Greater China for over 20 years, collaborating with businesses from all industries, course materials are truly China specific: they are based on BCG's understanding of the business environment in Greater China instead of blindly referring to benchmarks from other parts of the world. Third, BCG China Academy offers additional services, such as business-insight sharing and capability building, which are closely linked with strategy development and have a strong practical focus. And fourth, the academy leverages BCG's extensive global resources: a dedicated team from the firm's Enablement Centers, a large and experienced group of lecturers, proprietary tools and research centers, an extensive case database, and resources from numerous partners--all of which help to expand the coverage and depth of the services provided by the academy.

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