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Baringa is a Great Place To Work

Great Place To Work

London: Baringa Partners has been named the best place to work in the UK by The Great Place to Work® Institute for an unprecedented third consecutive year.

This first place award marks Baringa's sixth year in the Best Workplaces rankings, and comes off the back of being awarded Laureate status last year.

Baringa Partners clinched top spot for the first time in the 2010 Best Workplaces rankings, having been placed second in 2008 and 2009.

The consultancy, which focuses on the energy, utilities and financial services industries, was placed in the medium sized category of the awards, which were split for the first time this year into small, medium and large companies.

"From the very beginning, we have put our people at the heart of our business. We made the conscious decision to do this because we believe that creating a great place to work is simply the right thing to do. However, creating a great place to work can also be a defining factor in organisational success," comments Jim Hayward, Senior Partner at Baringa Partners.

"Our people-centric culture has helped us to attract, develop and retain some of the most talented and experienced people in our industry. At the same time we are working with many of the leading companies in our sectors to deliver some of their most complex and challenging projects. It is this virtuous circle that is propelling our business forward in the face of tough market conditions."

Over the last 12 months Baringa Partners has grown to 250 consultants, increased turnover by 24 per cent, created a new Energy Advisory Services Practice; merged operations with another leading energy consultancy, Redpoint Energy; established a physical presence in continental Europe; and is expanding its Process Transformation team.

Mohamed Mansour, Managing Partner, Baringa Partners, said,"There can be no doubt that the strong workplace values we implemented when the company was established have driven our success to date.

"For the last twelve years the culture we created then, and now work so hard to maintain and improve year after year, has helped us to inspire some of the best people in our industry to produce exemplary results.

"The challenge for us, as we look ahead to the next ten years of our development and growth as an organisation, is to maintain our people-centric culture, as that is the foundation of our commercial success.

"We are fully committed to maintaining an environment in which everyone can feed into the Baringa of the present and the future. And we take inspiration from the way in which some of the larger international employers, who feature strongly as both Great Place to Work laureates and entrants, have been able to maintain workplaces where people thrive and feel they belong while growing headcount and operating over multiple regions."

Baringa says that everyone in the firm is encouraged to be actively involved in developing the approaches taken to achieve individual and corporate growth and goals.

Baringa has recently launched its Vision for 2020, driven by people from across the business, and over the coming months will use this as a basis to refresh the five year corporate strategy. The cornerstone of strategy development will be internal ownership and engagement, providing the opportunity for as many people as possible to feed into the core decisions that will affect the future of their company.

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